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Announcing the contest!  15.11.2016 10:10

LLC Avtooyna Declares carrying out the competitive biddings at the choice of contract organization for accomplishment of electric installation work of the project:

Power supply of II - a queue "Installation of the new line to heat treatment and the line of preliminary handling of automobile glasses on LLC Avtooyna in installation of the line of heat treatment.

For participation in tender the contract organization shall be included in the Register of construction contract organizations of the Republic of Uzbekistan (The resolution KM RUZ of 18.04.2014 No. 97) and to have current assets to start installation works.

Behind acquisition of the tender documentation it is necessary to address to working body to 5 го December, 2016 to the address: Fergana, Istiklol St., 1-A.

The final term of acceptance of offers (requests) for participation in tender - 10:00 h on December 6, 2016

To apply for the additional information by phone: +998 73 243-38-87.